Winter Steelhead fishing?

Posted by flugfisk on March 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

This has not happened for me yet this season.  Between school, the new baby, and all the rain I haven’t made it out to fish for winter steelhead.  However, I have found some time to tie plenty of tube flies between studying and taking care of the new baby. 

 I have been playing with an easy an rewarding pattern, similar to the Clouser Minnow but without the lead eyes.  This pattern is weighted as well, but the cone head weight is placed in the middle of the pattern and tied over top of to conceal it.

I used arctic fox tail spun on a loop and wrapped over the front of a cone head of matching color.  Some of these I added flat diamond braid before the cone head to create a little bit of a body with some reflective quality.

On top of the spun fox tail I add 2 strands of flash, then tie in some temple dog of contrasting color.  Then add 2 more strands of flash and tie in some cashmere goat, whip finish and you are done.

Pictured below are just some of the many color options that can be created.

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