Step by Step Tube Fly Videos

Posted by flugfisk on March 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

 I haven’t been able to publish my latest articles as quickly as I had hoped.  I have several articles in the works and hope to find the time to start publishing them shortly.  I the mean time I thought I would share this link to Canadian Tube Fly Company’s  step by step tube fly videos.   They also have step by step tube fly instructions in PDF format.  These step by step videos and PDF files area big help when you are trying to learn techniques, get new ideas or just have fun. 

There are several “How to” videos to help you learn the vary basics as well.  The “How to” videos include, “Rigging a Tube Fly“, “Using a Tube Fly Vise Adapter“, “Using a Tapered Needle“, “Making a Step Tube” and “Using a Tube Cutter“. 

There is a lot of good material on the Canadian Tube Fly Company’s website, I think you will find it it worth your while to pay a visit. While you are checking out the step by step Tube Fly videos you might want to browse around the CTFC’s website, they have some of the very best selection and highest quality tubes and materials that I have come across.

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