Fine Tuning Your Tube Fly Vise Adapter – part 2

Posted by flugfisk on June 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Previously I showed how to modify a tube fly vise adapter to fit more snugly and securely in a Regal vise.  This minor modification also allows you to use the Regal vise as a rotary vise as well.  The only draw back that I found was that the length of the pins forced me to slightly angle the tube fly vise adapter downward.  This downward angle caused problems when tying (especially stacking hairwings, and the whip-finish) as the thread was almost encouraged by the angle to slide off the end.  To get around this I would at first simply push the pin forward out of the way of the vise.

You can see in the picture below just exactly what is causing the problem.  In this example the pin is pushed way out, and is also slightly angled.  Pushing the pin out works in a pinch  but cause a great deal of movement in the pin while tying.  When you add a slight angle and a lot play in the pin, you are just making things harder on yourself.

After a week or so I realized I needed to fix these annoyances. The solution is quite simply and very easy to perform.  Cutting a couple of inches off the backend of the pins that are causing the problem works perfectly.  In the picture below you can see the Eumer Tube Fly Vise Adapter and pins that I originally purchased, before making any modifications of my own.

The next picture (below) is the same tube fly vise adapter that is pictured above, however this picture was taken recently after I had made modifications to the adapter and shortened the pins.  Notice in the picture below the pins are now shorter then the mandrels. 

Now that the pins fit correctly with the modifications to the tube fly vise adapter, I do not have to angle the pin or push it out of the way of the Regal vise (pictured below).  Also the shorter pin is much stronger, not allowing as much movement in the pin when I am tying.

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