Salmon Season in Western Washington

Posted by flugfisk on November 9, 2013 in salmon tube fly

Surprisingly I was recently able to find time amid my hectic schedule for three days of Salmon fishing on a couple of the local rivers with a good friend of mine.  While one of the rivers was not very productive for us, the other one was quite the opposite, bringing us many hookups, exciting fights and plenty of salmon brought to the bank and released.  We were fishing in the lower part of the river and luckily ran into lots of Chum Salmon that had just moved into the system, which is the best time to fish for Chum, as they very quickly become spawned out, and go from a fresh, bright ocean fish to what looks like a zombie in a few short weeks.  We were hoping to hook some Coho (Silver) Salmon on the fly rod as well, but were not able to land any.

My friend Kris did very well with several different color variations of a Prom Dress fly that he had made some very useful adaptations to.  I fished mostly with rabbit fur Leech tube fly patterns that can be seen in the slideshow (pictured below), as well as a purple hairwing tube fly pattern that did well for me.

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