American Raccoon Hairwing

Posted by flugfisk on August 17, 2015 in hair wing salmon steelhead Trout tube fly

Over the last year I have been tying different hairwing tube fly patterns using Raccoon fur that was dyed by the local fly shop.  For larger patterns I had used the

Raccoon fur for the underwing, on smaller patters I would use the Raccoon for  the outerwing.  This pattern uses Raccoon fur for both the under and outerwing.

Raccoon Hairwing Materials

The materials for this pattern include American Raccoon fur, Grizzly Schlappen Spey in purple, purple Holographic Flashabou, Flat Diamond Braid in

orange, purple Whiting Spey Hackle and some Jungle Cock eyes.

raccoon hairwing 009Start with a Deep Water Hybrid tube using a small diameter purple Scandinavian plastic tube for the liner.  If needed to keep

the Deep Water tube in place you can apply some super glue to the Scandinavian tube and then slide the Deep Water tube over it.

raccoon hairwing 010Tie in some orange Flat Diamond Braid near the base of the Deep Water tube.  I usually apply a fair amount of glue to the thread at this point.

raccoon hairwing 011Wrap the Flat Diamond braid up to the front of the Deep Water tube and tie it off with a whip finish.  Then start the thread

on the purple Scandinavian tubing where the Deep Water tube ends.

raccoon hairwing 012 Tie in some purple Grizzly Schlappen Spey at the base.

raccoon-wing 002Tightly wrapp the Grizzly Schlappen Spey.

raccoon hairwing 055Tie on a small bunch of short Raccoon Fur as your underwing.

raccoon-wing 084Add a couple of strands of purple Holographic Flashabou

raccoon-wing 063Next tie in some Whiting Spey Hackle at the base.

raccoon-wing 005Tightly wrap the spey hackle and then wrap back over the hackle a little bit with the thread.

raccoon-wing 015Next tie in another purple Grizzly Schlappen Spey feather at the base.

raccoon-wing 016Tightly wrap the Grizzly Schlappen Spey.

raccoon-wing 007Tie in another small bunch of longer Raccoon Fur as the outer wing.

raccoon-wing 038Add a couple more strands of purple Holographic Flashabou.

raccoon-wing 021Finally add some jungle cock eyes to help finish off the fly.

raccoon-wing 009Apply your whip finish and add some cement to the head.

raccoon-wing 026If needed, to give the fly some extra weight you can add a cone head as I have done here.

Pictured below is the same pattern tied in pink without a cone head.  Pink Badger Hackle was used in place of the Grizzly Schlappen Spey.

Pink American Raccoon

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